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A wide variety of world best chair in recliners accessible on our site could leave you overpowered. Here’s a convenient guide that will assist you with understanding which product is needful to you and what are you searching for, what better would be for you.

Types of Recliners available at Lofty Dreams

  • 1. Manual Recliner:-Manual recliner chairs have fewer locking positions, For operation mechanical system(pull latch) is provided instead of an electric switch. Just have to pull the latch, the footrest then opens at the same time the backrest will also move slightly towards the back. when you give their weight on the backrest then the back of the recliner will automatically open completely up to 165 degrees. Manual recliner does not need electricity to operate.
  • 2. Electric Recliner:- Electric recliner is also known as Power recliner, Automatic recliner, or Motorized recliner. An electric recliner is what runs on the AC power supply (230 Volt). Power consumption is negligible which is 75watt. You can adjust the reclining position to your need with the help of an electric switch. 
  • Categories of Recliner Chairs available at Lofty Dreams

    Single Seater Recliners

    Single Seater Recliner chair is for the single person. Available in Both Electric and Manual mechanism. Single seater recliner are further categorized into three which is R1 means only Recline your chair, R2 means It recline or rock(as a rocking chair) and R3 means It recline, Rock(glide) & Revolve(swivel).

    Living Room Recliners

    When you begin furnishing your living room, it’s a good thought to coordinate your recliner sofa set with one of our TV units. This won’t just guarantee an organized look in the room, yet additionally, assist you with coordinating the tone and finish of the two items.

    Explore our wide range and discover the absolute best recliner chairs in India. Make a uber-extravagance involvement with your living room, without bringing about the cost you may regularly connect with it.

    You can select any upholstery like fabric, leatherette, etc.& color that suits your living room theme. You can go for a 2-seater recliner sofa, 3-seater recliner sofa, and 4-seater recliner sofa. It is available in both mechanisms (manual or electric).

    Home Theater Recliners

    Home Theater recliners are for those who like to enjoy theater experience while watching a movie at home.

    If you are looking for the PVR Theater chair for your room and want to upgrade your room into the home theater room then this is the best option. In most of the theater, home-theater recliner chairs have been installed. One-touch control of this recliner chair offers you the best seating experience with the benefits of accessories.

    It comes in the Electric mechanism only. More options available in the home theater recliner series can choose any color, upholstery. Here you can also add numerous of accessories for your needs like Cooling Cupholder, LED light, Reading Table or Lamp, Designer Cupholder, USB port for charging, Storage box, etc.

    You can go for a 1-seater recliner chair, 2-seater recliner chair, 3-seater recliner chair, and 4-seater recliner chair.

    Lounger Recliners Sofa

    The lounger recliner sofa is in L-type shape is perfect for those precarious corners where setting furniture gets troublesome, prompting a stuffed front room with insignificant focus space. This L-type recliner sofa sets easily fit in one of the corners, leaving abundant space in the focal point of your livingroom.

    Thusly, you can put an excellent focal point while as yet having enough space for you and your visitors to move around. At Lofty Dreams, you will discover an assortment of L-shape recliner sofa set in various designs and colors.

    Lofty Dreams gives recliners at a reasonable price with an attractive discount without compromising the quality of material and level of comfort. We offer you options in materials of recliner sofas, which include fabric and leatherette reclining sofas within the range.

    Our contemporary style of recliner online shows the latest trend.

    All the recliners are manufacturing in India, are finely handcrafted by premium-quality Upholstery (leatherette & fabric).

    Once you choose from our recliner furniture store, leave the rest to us and we will guarantee that you rest well. Reward yourself with an ultra-happy with seating/relaxing experience that is difficult to duplicate somewhere else. It’s an ideal opportunity to buy a recliner chair and make an intense style explanation.

    Note:- Lofty Dreams offer you any change or customization in the following manners: Dimension, Style, Upholstery shading, Upholstery type, Quality of Upholstery, Mechanism type (manual or electric), Foam type, Wood, Accessories like:- USB ports, LED Lights, Cupholders, Swivel Tray, Touch Sensor Button, and so on.