Lofty Dreams Recliners is a dedicated Recliners’ manufacturing company Head-Office in South -Delhi that currently focuses exclusively on producing comfortable, inspiring, & durable recliner furniture for the Home, Multiplex, PVR Theater, and Cinema.


Currently selling on an online platform and through partnerships with a handful of local showrooms in Delhi NCR, the company is selling upwards of Rs 300,00,000 per year & reaching Rs 500,00,000 in 3 years. Plans for expansion include setting up distribution and manufacturing relationships in Delhi, NCR, Bangalore, Kerala, Kolkata, and Mumbai where the company aims to expand globally in the market.



Our Vision

An organization’s vision is a powerful tool that can not only create, but also propagate the concentration and lineup a business will need to survive and prosper. A good vision basically acts as a force to create a picture for the Company. Our aim to build better, durable recliner furniture for people all over the world.

We believe in fulfilling dreams rather than dreaming, we always aim for higher thoughts. We set our goals based on our plan, then we start the work keeping in mind the goal. Our passion constantly forces us to move forward.

Who We Are

Lofty Dreams began on 11 February 2018 – a date we now celebrate every year as Anniversary. We are now more than 40 people working and at our headquarters in India at South-Delhi.

Lofty Dreams has its own manufacturing unit in Delhi, we have been designing very high quality, luxurious and durable recliner chair for the last 3 years.

What We Do

At Lofty Dreams, We design superior hand-crafted quality, well proportioned, and comfortable seats on the other hand we use the most exquisite faux leathers or fabrics for the recliner chairs. Our wide range of recliner chairs is tailored made are exactly to your measurements, space, and style. Our products are entirely made in India.

Our Products

Single Seater Recliner in Black Color by Lofty Dreams Recliners.

Interior design

Deals In all types of Recliner Chairs

Lofty Dreams deals in Electric & Manual recliner chair & sofa for Home, Office, Home Theater Room, Multiplex, PVR, & Cinema. 

Our categories of the product are:

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